The liver is a large and fleshy organ that resides on the right side of the body under the ribcage. Its primary function is to filter blood flowing to it from the digestive tract on its way to the remainder of the body. It is also responsible for detoxifying chemicals and metabolizing medications. Additionally, this important organ produces proteins which are vital for purposes of blood clotting. Unfortunately, this highly significant organ can become damaged. To be truly aware of the condition of one’s liver, it is important to recognize liver pain and address it as quickly as possible.

How To Know When It Is Liver Pain

Many conditions exist which involve the liver. Because liver pain can be sharp or dull, or it can be confused with back pain, many patients do not immediately recognize pain which might be a sign of something wrong with the liver. Typically, liver pain exists in the upper right quadrant of the torso underneath the ribcage. Those who experience such pain or discomfort lasting more than a few days should definitely consult a physician in order to determine the cause. If the pain is, in fact, being caused by a problem with the liver, finding the root cause of the discomfort early can be a significantly positive factor in fighting any associated diseases or conditions.

There are some additional symptoms that tend to accompany liver pain. These can include troubles with breathing, itching, eating disorders, general exhaustion, or pain associated with coughing. If any of these conditions exist in conjunction with pain originating from the location of the liver, a patient should be examined as soon as possible.

Because it can be difficult to differentiate liver pain from general abdominal pain, physicians will test to determine if the liver is the cause. They will typically ask a number of questions and perform some manual examination techniques to rule out the possibilities of the pain coming from the kidneys or other abdominal organs. Once a physician has determined that the pain is coming from the liver, he or she will probably order a blood test which will show data indicating the health of the liver based on a number of factors.

Common Liver Conditions

The results of a blood test will either confirm or rule out whether a patient has a disorder or disease involving his or her liver. One of the most common liver conditions is cirrhosis, which is a scarring of the organ. It can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, or by genetic factors unrelated to one’s drinking habits. Hepatitis can also be a cause of liver pain or discomfort. It can be brought on by a number of factors including allergies or obesity, and it can cause major inflammation of the organ, as well. The tests performed on the liver can also reveal maladies such as liver cancer or the presence of gallstones. Each one of these conditions has its own recommended course of action and treatment, so regularly consulting one’s physician is vital.

Know The Liver For A Healthy Life

The liver is one of the more misunderstood organs in the human body. While many people do not pay attention to the health of this vital organ, it should be treated with as much care as any other important body part. Being proactive is key to finding liver problems before they become serious, and diagnosing liver pain is an important first step. For those who feel they may be experiencing liver pain, a doctor’s appointment should be made as soon as possible.

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