Liver Pain Symptoms

Liver Pain

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body and is responsible for some of the most essential body functions. Such liver functions include detoxification, glycogen storage and production of hormones among others vital functions. The liver is located at the right side of the abdominal cavity and is red brown in color, triangular in shape, and weighs about one and a half kilograms for an average human adult. Therefore, it is imperative not to ignore any problem associated with the liver such as liver pain.

Liver Pain Causes

Liver ache may be as a result of many reasons. Many causes of liver pain are severe and can be life threatening if not diagnosed and addressed earlier enough. One of the major causes of liver pains is hepatitis.  All forms of hepatitis B as well as hepatitis A and C are known to cause liver sting, jaundice, etc. Another condition associated with liver pain is liver cancer that is usually identified at later stages. The liver soreness is associated with fatigue, loss of appetite and weighs loss.  Steatosis or fatty liver is a condition where the liver becomes enlarged due to fat buildup. This cause liver pain or liver dysfunction and tenderness.  Other liver ache causes includes enlarged spleen, cirrhosis, toxic overload, excessive consumption of alcohol and other liver diseases.

Liver Pain Symptoms

Most people tend to ignore fatty liver and this leads to further complications. However, it is very essential that you treat liver complications right from the very onset. Liver ache is mostly confused with abdominal pain.  Liver ache is usually experienced as a dull pain in the top right section of the abdomen. In some instances, it may go with back pain or abdominal pain. The exact location of the pain may differ slightly from one patient to the other. This makes it hard to identify liver pain from other kind of body pains.
One of the most essential factors in regard to liver pain symptoms is the location. The pain will be felt in the upper right side of the abdomen and beneath the rib cage. Mostly, the pain is experienced as a dull ache though it may be sharp in some patients. It may also be attended by back pain or shoulder pain in some instances. Other signs of liver pain include skin rashes, itching, brownish blemishes and spots all over the skin, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, pain while inhaling or coughing, swollen testes, etc. Patients will also experience excessive sweating, belligerent body odor, and bad breath. The patient may also have red palms and soles, which can be both inflamed and itchy. Liver ache symptoms also include yellowish discoloration, itchy and swollen eyes and sometimes dark circles may develop under the eyes.
Though it is very rare to have all the liver pain symptoms at the same time, occurrence of some or a few of the symptoms may point towards liver pain which may be as a result of a number of factors. However, irrespective of the cause of pain, earlier diagnosis and treatment of liver pain is very essential since liver aching may be life threatening. Liver ache treatment is conducted subject to the underlying medical condition. Normally urine and blood tests are conducted to establish the exact cause of liver pain.

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